07 August 2011 — No comments

i love sabbath every week..but today it was extra great.the sun was out (yaaaay!) so after church and putluck and naps and all the normal sabbath shindigs pops and i went to play a little tennis while mom walked the dogs.
 oh my dad.. bless his heart for trying to be patient with me while i learn.
we came home and made banana splits, sat on the couch, and stuck in a movie.just me and my parents..its was as cool as it sounds.
I chose V for Vendetta, partly becuase mom and dad have never seen it and partly because i kindof think its one of the most beautiful movies of all time..mom and dad werent so convinced.
i love sabbath. i love my dogs and my parents and the sun and maybe even tennis a little bit.

These are from laaaast sabbath. the weather was great (two weeks in a row? this is crazy.) so i speant the afternoon with good friends on the water. its kind of my favorite place in the world.

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