just a little hike..

21 February 2012 — No comments

up a huge volcano called Pacaya.. a few years back it had flowing lava and you were warned of melted shoes and cool stuff like that, but then it exploded erasing the trails to the top which means now you only get to hike as far as some hot rocks to roast marshmallows on. not that im complaining really.i mean, i love a roasted marshmallow (or 10) as much as anybody else. you can read more about the volcano here, not that i really recommend it. mostly because it probably isnt any more interesting than your average volcano.but also because the website is completley in spanish so...good luck.

a few side notes:
theres a picture of a boy with a cigarette in his hand. this is not because i think smoking is really awesome, its because i dont know how he made it up the mountain doing it the whole time.
also, that man with the horse followed us up the ENTIRE way ensuring us that we needed a taxi. i guess they do that, hoping that half way up the fattest one in the group will give in and pay to ride up.
lastly, my friend evi took a few of these pictures. as in all the ones where my camera is hanging around my neck.

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