29 January 2013 —

I've been here just a couple days over a week now, I can't believe it. The time is going to fly by. I miss home a little though (and that darn nephew of mine) so maybe that's okay. These are a few things I feel are (probably not) important for you to know from my first week in South Africa

1. It's cool to not wear shoes here. Last week we hiked a mountain and this 7 year old, Nevel, did the whole thing barefoot. All the volunteers are going barefoot trying to toughen their feet..or something.I don't know if it's working but they look as black as the locals. ummm no thanks? not for me. I brought shoes for a reason you know?

2. You can drink the faucet water! What a relief. They actually pride themselves in being placed somewhere in the top 10 best drinking waters in the world (supposedly). Anyways it makes brushing my teeth a whole lot easier.

3. They have to use outlet converter's for their own outlets. whaaaaat? It's the weirdest thing. Or maybe that's normal but I think it's pretty weird. It's like they have two different types of plugs but all the homes/offices/anyoutletatall is only equipped with one of them. So it's the wall outlet, then a converter, then your country converter, then the object. Such a mess. One to which i'm almost certain could have an easy solution.

4. None of the volunteers miss home and all of the volunteers have bottomless pits for stomach's,welcoming beer at all hours of the day.and night. Seriously, it's crazy. They're all like "It's a Monday night we have to go out!" and i'm all like "It's a Monday night, are there any puzzles around here?" I was born an old person. I've accepted it. I revel in it, really. but good grief it makes getting any sleep around here tough.

So this is week one. Dirty feet and sleepless nights. but ALSO- endless sun, a constant breeze, and the cutest kids, ever. Things are good, I'm good. Until next time-xoxo