New Years Resolutions.

01 January 2013 —

I don't like them. Partly because they're cliche but mostly because I never keep them. However throughout the last year there's a few things i (and maybe a few people around me) have noticed need to be worked on. So alas, here are the big three for 2013:

1. To be more motivated to- exercise more(duh), get better use of my camera because good grief that thing was expensive, to get up when my alarm goes off, the list really goes on and on.

2. To be on time- because if you know me at all you know i'm late to eeeeverything and 5 minutes almost always means 15. ShelbyTime it's been called.

3. To hang out with Jesus more- I'm embarrassed that this is even on my resolution list because really whats more important than that.