I had a birthday!

17 April 2013 —

We're taking a break from the road trip pictures for a while, not that i've been doing a great job in posting those anyways but. you know. we've made it to the grand canyon and if i look through those pictures one more time trying to decide which are my favorites i might just decide none of them are. So i'm going to post pictures of other happy things for a bit! And not that i was super excited about turning 22 (i cried, literally) but the actual day was pretty great. Mom made me a DOLPHIN CAKE! nobody saw that one coming, right? And we had a nice little family dinner, or breakfast really. well breakfast for dinner, you know. anyways it was really nice to finally be home for a birthday, i feel like that hasn't happened in foooor-ev-er.

Aaron and Vanessa just really wanted in on the pictures.

This is what happens when your brothers go birthday shopping for you without having your mom along to 'guide' them. Although at first i was like what? arm warmers? how wacky. now i actually love them and wear them all the time!

 A birthday tear, because despite my most valiant effort to prevent it, i turned 22.