10 days later..

05 June 2013 —

im cleansed! or whatever. I almost congratulated myself on making it 10 days with no processed/fried/sugar foods with a fat piece of chocolate cake last night but...i didn't. i think i might see just how long i can go without the stuff. On another note i'm going to take a little break from here to organize a few things blog wise, so I won't be around for the next month or so i'd guess.So i thought i would share now a few exciting things that will be happening while i'm away :)

first of all this boy comes tomorrow! I really can't wait. Zachary has been my best friend ever since i quit hating him my senior year of high school. Sometimes I never answer his phone calls and sometimes he just quits calling all together but, its NBD. we're besties, you know? I'm so excited to pick you up!

Tomorrow is also great because it's this girls birthday!! I wish we could be togeths but, shes doing her smarty pants Bach Piano business down in Eugene. boo. best friends for 10 years, holy cow. first of all, thats awesome. secondly, i am getting really old for real. Happy Birthday Caitriiin, love you.

In addiction to all this greatness i'll probably also have a million dates with my favorite nephew, i might actually finish the book i've been trying to read for months (blink by malcolm gladwell). I'll probably spend too much time stalking everyone's wedding photos, because it's that season you know (a special congrats now to Justin and Betsy who get married DAY AFTER TOMORROW holy cow, i so wish i could be there) and i'll have lots of quality time with my favorite girl, lucy. See you later blog world!