Dating Jesus.

20 September 2013 — No comments

Disclaimer: How do my posts always end up so much longer than they are supposed to be? Also, you might think i'm a total freak by the end of this. cheers.

Tonight, my friend Tyler spoke at vespers about having a real relationship with God. I'm sure I've heard it all before, but it's like it finally clicked. Just because you have an experience with God, doesn't mean you have a relationship with him. He talked about boyfriends, and girlfriends, and all that single awareness jazz. He talked about our relationship with them versus our relationship with Him, and how doomed most of these relationships would be if we only came to them when we come to Jesus. When we want something, we need something, we're scared the plane is going to crash or we'll fail the test. And then all the sudden it was like, oh..duh. How the heck do I think I could handle a real boyfriend right now when umm here is Jesus, just waiting patiently for a little TLC and I can't even figure that out. If you don't know God, it sounds crazy. Even if you do know him, I might sound crazy. But I guess that's okay, because it is pretty crazy how excited I am to make Jesus my boyfriend. The center of my everything. He's the one i'm supposed to (want to) talk to about my day, my struggles, my success and failures. He's the one that's always there to listen without the hassle of texting or dating or wasting gas on. He's the one that is going to make me happy with myself long before any guy can. duh duh duuuuh! holy cow, duh.

During my cousin Michael's wedding weekend the ladies attended a bridal brunch for his now wife, Ashley. Her Aunt spoke of her and Michael's courtship and how apprehensive Ashley had been in the beginning. She said that being with Michael scared her, because it was taking up so much of her time and heart that had always belonged 100% to God and she didn't know if it was okay that she was making room for Michael. Dang, try and tell me that's not the coolest thing you've ever heard. To love God so much that she actually felt guilt for loving anyone else so intimately. I want that for me. I want to have to make time for them, not time for Him. The past month has been confusing and frustrating but awesome, too. I've cried..a lot. happy tears, sad tears, idontevenknow tears.I'm not saying it will be rainbows and butterflies from here on out, but I have a solid feeling about this year, It's going to be a good one for me, and my new boyfriend Jesus. I know it.
Also, Happy Sabbath!


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