It's Monday, what do you even expect

27 October 2013 — No comments

Or Sunday night if we're being real. Because even though it's 1:30 am it's still Sunday night, you knoooow.  And i'm all jazzed up and nowhere near bed. I had a super (not) fun research paper due ehhhh 2 hours ago. Which I decided to start ehhhh 10 hours ago? Procrastination at its finest my friends. Somehow I pulled that guy off though and submitted it on time and everything! oh, your impressed too?well thanks. I think I drank enough coffee to last me the rest of my good long life throughout the course of that bad boy, though, which you know.
 Led me here.
 Wide awake and eating pickles.
On a hardly related side note does anybody else have an unhealthy amount of resentment towards their salt and pepper shakers? you know. like. the salt comes out too fast and the pepper comes out one pathetic black flake at a time? Story of my life. I don't think I will ever find the perfect one. We'll add it to that list, right after shampoo, or husband. you know.

If you're still here with me, in the lonely land of disappointing pepper shakers, (heymom) I hope you still love me after wasting your time here. I guess its what happens when you have coffee ice cream for breakfast and a liquid diet of the stuff all day long. I should have known, friends. I should. have. known. 

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