Memories on a Monday.

18 November 2013 — 2 comments

From that day in Guatemala when I fulfilled my childhood dream and milked a cow.

When my brothers and I were growing up we all wanted different things. I assume Jordan wanted to be the next karate kid or join the Mighty Ducks, since that red karate suit and that Ducks jersey basically consume every childhood memory I have of him. And Aaron wanted to be thought he was a professional skate boarder. They dream big. Me? I just wanted to milk a cow or two. I remember everyone always saying it was harder than it looked and I remember always thinking they must be stupid. I was a nice kid, I know. But there's things you need to understand about this cow thing of mine

1.) Cows are pretty foreign creatures to us little Alaskan Islanders. We just don't have them. I didn't even know cows beyond the black and white ones existed until like...embarrassingly recent.

2) Milking a cow just seemed like an All-American childhood staple that I was so tragically deprived from. Try and tell me every story you were read as a child didn't start with the dad getting up at an absurd hour to milk the cow. The thing is that you can't because they did.

So,cows. While I was in Guatemala I visited the Coffee Plantation of Yalu just outside of Antigua. You payed a flat price and then picked like, 3 activities out of a large list of typical tourist stuff. Zip lines, Horseback riding, you know. And then somebody was like oh and also cow milking, and I was like oh and also SIGN ME UUUUP! So there I am. About to fulfill my dream and grab a crusty wrinkly utter. I need better dreams you guys.

Anyways. Moving on and linking up with The Nectar Collective in my weekly wishes. An encouraging link-up that Melyssa hosts every Monday! She's becoming a favorite read of mine, that girl.
SO, my wishes for the week-

1) To go to bed earlier. I paid way too much for a cooling gel pillow this week to not be getting my moneys worth.

2) To take more pictures. Because my mom paid way too much for that camera of mine to not be getting my moneys worth ;)

3) And three. To stop buying donuts every time I go to the grocery store. It's a problem you guys, a real problem.

Happy Monday!!

The Nectar Collective


  1. I've always wanted to try milking a cow too. It's a fine dream to have and you can now cross this dream off your bucket list. It will still be on mine (:

  2. EEP I don't think I could ever, gasp, milk a cow! Such an awesome check mark on your bucket list. and I agree, take more pictures! Camera envy over here