weekly wishes and a few others.

04 December 2013 — 3 comments

I have this problem with blogging, as in I don't. blog. all day long as a million thoughts float in and out of the wonderland that is my head i have so many ideas. most of them even get written down so i wont forget them. but then it comes time to put them on paper. or well, here, and its like nahhh, i'm good. i wrecken that's my only wish this week. or maybe lets get real ambitious and go with month. to blog more. oh and that picture taking gig. I just purchased this and could not not noooot be more excited about it. be expecting great things my friends.

(linking up with The Nectar Collective for a picture of my favorite animal ever. also if we're being real my favorite person ever.)

A few things that are making me feel real adultish as of late: I buy strange stuff at the grocery store like. stuff besides candy. it's not fun.
i tote around a 7 month old baby all week and nobody,not a single person, ZIP people you guys! ask if shes mine. they just assume, because i look old enough? gag me.
i cry all the fuulipping time. not because i'm sad but because i'm so like..touched. what the what? I don't know why it's happening but make it stop.

I go home one single little week from tomorrow and words cannot. well they probably could. express how happy about it i am.The end!
The Nectar Collective


  1. I'm the same way when it comes to writing thoughts down—I have so many ideas and thinking about new ideas takes up too much time for me to actually develop them! And the crying thing... is it winter or does this happen to everyone? Have fun returning home :)


  2. LOL I'm the opposite, I would WANT people to ask so I could assure them that the baby isn't mine. But I get second guessed all the time, I supposedly have a baby face and consistently look years younger than 23. Not that that's old. And that photography lesson should be awesome. I need to upgrade my camera but I'm afraid I won't utilize it fully and it will be a waste of money. What do you use? I may try to get one that someone is selling to upgrade. And, I totally do the same thing, but I keep a little list on my computer of potential blog posts. I don't write every day because I'm not that interesting and don't have that many people reading. The last thing I want is ADAYOFK to become a whiny journal lol. Sorry for this novel. Good luck on your wishes!

  3. Oh and, even though I already commented, I wanted to let you know that I'm trying to start a Monday linkup, which is brave because of how huge Weekly Wishes is, but I would love to get you in on it if you ever decide to blog again ;)