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15 January 2014 — 1 comment

There's always this awkward time after you haven't blogged in a while. Where you're stuck between the obligation to catch up on the last month and the laziness to just carry on as if you have been all along. Maybe nobody else experiences it because maybe everybody else has 100% better self discipline than I do and there is no month. But i think it happens everywhere, really. When you run into an old friend and you can't remember if (or why?) you're still friends. Do you catch up? Do you hug and pretend you don't already know their entire life via Facebook? Or when you realize you don't know any of the songs on the top hits station from the past three months so you obviously have to download them all to make sure you didn't miss anything awesome (you didn't). Or maybe its just me, because I have this unhealthy fear of missing out. On an experience, a picture, a memory, a limited edition candy bar. I can't handle missing it, i just can't. Maybe i'll spend a third of my life backtracking to make sure I was present in every moment, and maybe that's okay. Anyways, we'll try and make this as painless as possible.

An ugly sweater Christmas party! Because my generation thinks it's awesome to dedicate one whole night to the ugliest article of clothing imaginable. Our friend richard took these pictures. They came from his blog which you can view HERE! you can also view his face on a few of these sweaters ;)

Turns out I'm too tired to go through all of my pictures from the last month. and maybe if I don't post them all today i'll actually make it back to this space sometime again this year. You guys got off easy.

Also it's a good thing i'm not one of those avid every-meal-food-photographers or you would be here all day long. and then probably tomorrow too. and maybe even clear into 2015 because that is how much I've eaten in the last month.

P.S. to further stress the severity of this annoying fear of missing out thing (is that what it is? maybe it's a fear of forgetting?) i'm stiiiiill posting pictures of mine and baby brothers road trip that was dead and gone a solid year ago. because i have to catch up you know? so anyways. to keep things in order i'll be posting them with backdates. you can see a few pictures of the misery that was camping in negative bazillion degrees right HERE! A disclaimer: it's not cute.

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  1. WOO you exist! I hate missing out too - so I clean out all the things that allow me to catch up so I don't have to spend so much time taking in other people's lives. I have like 200 FB friends, no Twitter, a private instagram. It's nice keeping it little. If I miss out on blogs, I just look through their bloglovin' feeds and read the posts with interesting titles. Also, that awkwardness is way worse when you bump into someone and they know all about you, but you hid all their activity on facebook because they're annoying so you have NO IDEA what happened since they graduated HS (not that I would know...)