Why I Work.

15 February 2014 — 2 comments

With questionably, or definitely, the most ridiculous holiday of the year still taking over my instagram and blog feeds i'm practically drowning over here in pictures of flowers and food. Most of these pictures even come with really cute captions that make me want to vomit.
"My boyfriend is the best" no, he's probably not.
"So lucky to have a guy like blah blah blah in my life" except you didn't think you were lucky when he was ignoring your texts yesterday.
"Carnations are my favorite, he really knows me" or, he waited until 9 pm to buy you flowers on valentines day and that's all that was left, more like. Nobody loves carnations past the 8th grade.
I realize i'm probably slightly overly cynical because I spent the night with a box of chocolate,that I would have purchased for myself, but my mom was way ahead of the game. I'm not sure which is more pathetic. But this holiday, I mean common. What is this crap? I keep seeing all of these posts about 'why we work' which is, essentially a giant list of reasons why bloggers love their significant others. And don't get me wrong, i'm all about the love. I love that you love each other. I love that you could whip up an entire, mostly believable, list about why you love each other. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't embarrassingly jealous over the obnoxious amount of lists floating around. But somewhere in the middle of my Russell Stover pity party I came to the most stereo typical single girl valentines day conclusion ever; I don't need someone to write a list about because I work all on my own.

I work because I'm 100% comfortable with not sharing my pint of ice cream with anyone else. No guilt, no shame, nobody stealing my chunks of cookie dough. Just me, i'm okay with that.

I work because I like myself. Not like, an unhealthy amount or anything, but I like to hang out with me. We do crafts. We daydream. We Facebook stalk entire days away. We're quite the unproductive pair, but I enjoy spending time alone with just me. In fact I love it. And loving to hang out with yourself definitely helps the large amount of time that single people inevitably spend alone.

I work because I don't need another person as an excuse to cook. Homegirl has got to eat, she (me) loves herself some solid meals. Cooking for one is a waste of time? Wrong. Cooking for one feeds me. Nobody else to feed means more leftovers for myself and less dinners to cook that week. Is there a bigger win win?

I work because I trust my decisions.
Because I can manage my own money.
Because I'm comfortable asking for help.

I work because I know I can, without anyone else. I've become secure in my independence. While I look forward to the day that I get to rely on someone else, to confide and make big decisions and even fight with them, I know that I don't need them. I'm the first to admit that my mom has coddled me clear into 22, in one of those what is a W2 type ways, but if I woke up tomorrow and had no one but me, i'd be okay. Probably like, really sad. And really frustrated that I have to do my own taxes. But alive you know.

Why I work, or maybe just a list of things to make me feel better about being single on Valentines Day. Potato Potahto, you know.


  1. Shellay.

    Thank you. I needed this. You're doing great things over here. (And i'm totally stealing this for me.)

    <3 Maila

  2. HA. Slow clap. I am still all of these things even though we're married. What can I say, we're pioneers of individualism while still being a pretty awesome pair.