07 May 2014 — 1 comment

I felt like, maybe if i just showed up here  i'd having something to say. But all I have to offer is that the world is a really sad place, depending on the day and all. Like many other people, I stumbled across these photos in my instagram feed this evening with the hashtag #redballoonsforryan

And because humans are nosy and i'm a human i googled and read and stalked my way around the internet until I found the heartbreaking story of this little red headed angel, Ryan. Just a boy playing with his family on a sunny day, chasing a frisbee. But becuase this world is sad, and becuase sometimes you can't yell stop fast enough, he followed the frisbee into the road and was taken instantly by an oncoming truck. And now his mom and dad are just left here alone like, what? And as i went through hundreds of comments on different instagram pictures it was heartbreaking but it was also a twisted kind of beautiful, all of these strangers sending thoughts and prayers for a family they'll never know personally. I can't decide if our sad world has it backwards or just right in that we come together more in the face of tragedy over times of victory. But come together, we do. So whether you're into prayers, or good thoughts, or well wishes I know for certain this family could use them becuase holy crap, they just lost their baby and is there anything more frustratingly sad than that? Death shakes my life into perspective every time. so squeeze the people you like an extra lot and appreciate them while you have them, becuase it could be anyone at anytime chasing a frisbee into the road, you know?

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  1. Heavy things happen in the world. And you're right, it is so so sad. Sometimes I feel guilty that my own life could go on so effortlessly while someone is suffering in a situation like this, but we aren't meant to feel or hold it all. Send them your positive juju and then look forward, friend